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One of my very first jobs in Hollywood was working on the Universal Studios backlot from 1998 – 2002. During those years I spent more time exploring and photographing every nook and cranny of the lot than I spent doing my actual job as a production assistant on a home design show. Over the four years I worked at Universal Studios I took 1200 photographs of practically everything that happened on the lot and had dozens of amazing experiences that I've been telling friends about for years. So I decided to put it all into a book.

I call the book "A Badge, A Golf Cart and a Camera" and the premise is that with a badge and a golf cart, you can basically do anything you want and nobody will think twice. The book follows my adventures exploring the lot, sneaking onto movie sets like Charlie's Angels, Jurassic Park 3, The Grinch, Scorpion King, The Hulk, Red Dragon and others. Also, sneaking into movie premieres, concerts and awards shows, exploring set facades for Back to the Future, Psycho, Jaws, Phantom of the Opera, and a face to face run in with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The whole story is framed around the 4 seasons of the TV show I was working on, "The Christopher Lowell Show" and the people I worked with.

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