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Banksy and Star Lanes 2002

Back in 2002 I went to the Hollywood Star Lanes bowling Alley to help celebrate their final night of operation. This is the bowling alley made famous in The Big Lebowski. Outside in the parking lot there was an artist painting a giant mural on the side of the building. I chatted with the British graffiti artist a bit and watched him and his crew work for an hour. I took plenty of pictures and then put it out of my mind for over a decade. One day I was looking at Banksy art and saw a photo of the bowling alley mural I had long forgotten about. I went and found my old photos and was surprised to find a series of pictures of it all including a clear shot of Banksy himself. Here are the photos from that night. I have covered Banksy's face out of respect because it isn't my right to out him to the world.

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