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    Director / Writer /
Stop-Motion Animator /

    Graduate of Ithaca College BS in Cinema & Photography / minor studio art

     * Created "
Indyanimation" a stop motion animated shot for shot remake of the opening
       scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Had 300,000 views the first month, featured at the
       Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, 99% approval rating on Youtube.

    * Wrote the script "The Young Alchemists" for Suzanne Delaurentis Productions       
    * Created stop-motion animated web pilot "
Last Randy Standing" for online production
      company Whatnot Entertainment

    * Short film “
Covert Operatives” Won 1st place – GI JOE Stop-motion Film Fest 2008.
      Has a 98% approval rating on Youtube with almost 200,000 views.

    • MTV - Co-wrote pilot / created story for series “Outlaw Sports” TV script

    • Sci-Fi Channel - Created Stop-motion-animated series. Sold half hour pilot script for
     “Elite Team Action Allstars”

    • Cartoon Network – Adult Swim – developed animated concepts

    • IFILM / - Created and animated a stop-motion-animated short “Covert
      Operatives” - #12 most watched Ifilm short of all time  620,000 views 2001 – 2012
      featured on Independent Film Channel show “Ifilm on IFC”

    • Licht Mueller Film Co. - sold feature script “Covert Operatives”

    • Creature Effects - Mark Rappaport - developing Stop-motion projects

    • Lionsgate TV - Development Deal - 6 television show treatments optioned and one half
      hour animated pilot script sold 1999 - 2002

    • Feature Film Scripts
        “Alien Superbeast Invasion 2000”  1997
        "Covert Operatives"  2003
        “Pitt & Bucky’s Tricked Out Ride”  2006
        “Best Man Wynn”  2007
        “Shooting Jack”  2008
        "Scum Sucking Lawyers"  2009
        "The Young Alchemists"  2012

  Skills: Complete knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, photographer, pop culture guru,
               songwriter (
recorded over 200 original songs)

    Working on Punk Rock Musical "Murder & Blood" - writing songs and script

    Dreams & Goals
   To professionally create original Film, TV, Music, Photography & Art for the rest of my life.