The poster I made for my short animated action film Covert Operatives. I photographed the action figures used in the movie for the poster. This is also the DVD cover.
The teaser poster for my new animation Last Randy Standing. This is also the title card used in the movie.
A very early poster for my animated movie Last Randy Standing before I changed the figures and shot the movie.
A mock up concept poster for a comedy script I'm currently working on. Jack Black and Will Ferrell are not attached to the project but I made this to show producers what it could look like if they were.
A mock up concept poster I made for a friend's project. The production company he is working with on this told him that the poster was one of the main reasons why they decided to take on the project.
A fake movie poster I made for my family commemorating our trip to Greece. These are great for an occation.
A mock up concept poster for a horror script I'm working on. I make these for every project I do now because people can really get a good feel for the movie this way.
A mock up concept poster for a movie about pirate vampires.