A promo card for my new stop-animated web series Last Randy Standing.
Another promo card for my web series
Last Randy Standing.
Character designs I drew for an animated pilot I had in development with the Sci-Fi Channel.
Concept art for "Jay's Garage" - a pitch for an animated segment for the Tonight  Show with Jay Leno.
Concept art for a friend's Christmas movie. He wanted designs that showed the magical land in the script. One portrays an ice castle and elves dropping snowballs into giant funnels. The other shows a country territory with a reindeer farm and the ice castle in the distance. They are 100% comprised of pictures found on the internet. I'm very resourceful.
Concept art for a movie script called "Alien Superbeast Invasion 2000"
Drawings I did of the villain and monster for a horror script I'm working on.