I was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the town of Vineland, New Jersey with my parents Alan and Shelley and my younger sister Stacey. I mostly went to small private schools and was usually known as the artistic kid in my class. As a kid I was always drawing, playing with my action figures or making fun costumes. I was a pretty happy child. Some of my childhood activities were learning to play the piano, attending karate classes, little league and going to summer camp every year. I was also an active member of the Boy Scouts, earning my Eagle Scout award at the age of 15. 

In high school I realized I wanted to make movies and I spent most of my free time shooting videos with the family camcorder. It was obvious that I needed to go to film school and I attended Ithaca College and received a bachelors degree in Cinema and Photography. I also minored in studio art.

After graduation I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career in the entertainment field. I spent most of my time since writing scripts and working on getting my particular brand of stop-motion-animation out to the masses. I've sold projects and had various deals with the Sci-Fi Channel, Lionsgate, MTV, and the Cartoon Network. My short animated film Covert Operatives has been very popular on Ifilm, Youtube and has been viewed over 600,000 times on It also recently won best Stop-Motion Animated short at the GI Joe Stop-Motion Film Festival.

My newest short, "Indyanimation" is a stop motion animated shot for shot remake of the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It had over 300,000 views in the first month and was featured at the Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly and 100's of websites and blogs world wide. It was even featured on a Japanese variety show!

When I'm not sitting behind a camera for hours on end, I enjoy photography, song writing, playing the guitar, (I've recorded over 200 original songs) drawing, collecting pop culture memorabilia, going to the movies and watching my favorite tv shows. My favorite types of movies are 80's action and cheesy 70's horror flicks, but I enjoy most genres of movies. I also love punk rock music, classic rock and 80's hair metal. My left leg is a half an inch shorter than my right. Also I have the strength of 11 nine year olds.